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Sydney’s Cheapest Suburbs To Rent In

Sydney is a global city with modern amenities and good job, educational, and housing prospects. Being a part of the city is beneficial for people with families because it includes a variety of parks, recreational centers, reputable schools, and a well-functioning public transportation system.

However, the cost of living in Sydney is not within everyone’s budget, and because it is a hub of numerous activities, raising a family here may not be for everyone. As a result, an increasing number of mature, young, and established families or couples have moved to Sydney’s suburbs, which have a lot to offer.

Are you interested in learning the names of Sydney’s greatest suburbs for families? Here is a comprehensive guide to locating a suitable living area for parents, children, and aged people. 

1.   Balgowlah

Balgowlah is the suburb to choose if you want a family home in a location with great amenities and gorgeous views. Because of the excellent schools, a variety of restaurants, medical facilities, and excellent connectivity to the Sydney CBD, it is a high-demand housing market ideal for raising a family.

Several families and young couples hoping to have a family have moved to the suburb to buy or rent homes over the years. Although purchasing a home in this suburb can be costly, it is a good investment for you and your family.

  • House for buying: $2, 210,000
  • House for renting: $1,100 per week
  • Apartment for buying: $1, 180,000
  • Apartment for renting: $600 per week

2.   Concord

This suburb is ideal for raising children, with lovely parks, excellent public transportation, and multiple renowned schools. Concord is home to various families and gives an unmatched sense of community. Even for freshly relocated families, the residents are warm, welcoming, and kind, giving the neighborhood a sense of belonging.

Furthermore, the area is safe and secure, with a low crime rate, making it excellent to raise a family. Concord, like Balgowlah, has a high demand market, and property costs are growing due to many individuals wanting to invest in houses here. As a result, it is recommended that you act quickly to secure a home for your family. The following are the suburb’s median property rates as a reference.

  • House for buying: $1, 850,000
  • House for renting: $750 per week
  • Apartment for buying: $9, 95,000
  •  Apartment for renting: $500 per week

3.   Balmain

This suburb is suitable for families who want to raise their children in an environment rich in culture and history. It is one of Sydney’s oldest suburbs, and despite development, it retains its old-world charm with vintage sandstone homes.

Apart from the suburb’s beauty, what attracts families to Balmain? Friendly people, safe neighborhoods, good educational facilities, restaurants, and proximity to Sydney’s central business sector are all factors. The traffic is light, public transportation is widely available, and getting around the city from here is simple. If you are looking to purchase or rent a home in Balmain, here are the average prices.

  • House for buying: $1, 912,000
  • House for renting: $890 per week
  • Apartment for buying: $1, 015,000
  • Apartment for renting: $625 per week

4.   Cronulla

Consider buying a family house on the coast in this suburb, which the locals refer to as “God’s Own Country.” With a variety of architecturally modern houses and apartments, it is sunny, picturesque, and significant. Because the area is popular with families and working professionals, it contains more high-density housing than single-family homes.

Families may live here in peace, close to the city, with decent schools for their children, modern conveniences, and public transportation. Purchasing a home in this area could be costly. Because of the affordability, it is preferable for people relocating here for the first time to rent or buy a property. The median price of a home in Cronulla is listed below.

  • House for buying: $1 950, 000
  • House for renting: $ 900 per week
  • Apartment for buying: $ 783, 000
  • Apartment for renting: $ 480 per week

5.   North Ryde

North Ryde is a well-connected, contemporary, affordable, family-friendly, and safe Sydney suburb. Get a house here while there are still possibilities because this area is rapidly growing in popularity, and families are already flocking here. This suburb boasts reputable schools, shopping malls, parks, open spaces, and much more.

It is only 20 minutes from Sydney’s central business center, and the public transportation system is superb. Furthermore, residents appreciate the suburb’s sense of community, friendly neighborhood, and safety. North Ryde is rapidly expanding, and new housing buildings have lately been built. Below are the median house prices for the houses in this area.

  • House for buying: $1 560, 000
  • House for renting: $ 735 per week
  • Apartment for buying: $735, 072
  • Apartment for renting: $ 520 per week


Sydney is a beautiful city, but its rapid pace and bustle may not be perfect for a family. As a result, many people are looking for housing choices in the city’s suburbs; if you are one of them, this information will assist you in determining the finest suburbs for families in Sydney. 

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