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Brisbane’s Cheapest Suburbs To Rent In

Brisbane is one of the most developed cities in Australia, with a variety of lovely suburbs, golden beaches, high-rise flats, and entertainment hubs. People from all across the country are rushing to this vibrant city to explore potential career opportunities, top educational institutions, health care services, and much more.

Whether you’re moving across town or the country, it’s crucial to keep control of your moving expenses. Making a rough moving budget allows you to keep track of all your costs from start to end. This will also assist you in finding the most reliable Brisbane removalists at the most affordable charges.

With a bit of planning and the correct strategies, you can minimize unnecessary costs. If you’re looking to relocate on a tight budget, Brisbane is the place to go.

When it comes to renting a house or apartment in Australia, the city has proven to be one of the most affordable metropolitan areas. Many suburbs in and around Brisbane have leased homes available at reasonable costs. This is a fantastic chance for tenants to pay low rentals while living in a high-quality location near Brisbane’s CBD.

Take a look at the list of Brisbane’s cheapest suburbs to rent if you’re looking for the best rental property.

1.   Rocklea

Rocklea is one of Brisbane’s significant suburbs, located approximately 9 kilometers south of the city. It is the most affordable suburb to rent an apartment or a house for your entire family—a three-bedroom house rents for $365 per week on average.

Because of its proximity to the city’s CBD, the suburb serves as a hub for residential and industrial sectors. Rocklea has many high-end amenities, including top schools, health care facilities, culinary delights, cafes, gyms and yoga studios, large nature reserves, and much more.

2.   Chermside

Chermside is home to the largest shopping Centre in Queensland and world-class educational institutions, hospitals, residential buildings, shopping malls, and excellent public transportation.

It is one of Brisbane’s most promising suburbs, with tenants having the opportunity to pay the lowest rents for a vast and lovely house or unit. A property in Chermside rents for $390 per week on average.

When it comes to high-end local facilities, the area has a lot to offer. Numerous renowned fine-dining restaurants, modern cafes, theme parks, playgrounds, and other attractions are available. Merchant Park also has a cricket club, which is lovely for exercise and has great facilities.

3.   Mount Gravatt

Mount Gravatt, 10 kilometers from Brisbane’s CBD, appeals to young couples, working professionals, families with children, and independent students. Mouth Gravatt is a great place to live if you are looking for a reasonably priced rental property, and a unit in Mount Gravatt costs $415 per week on average.

The suburb has the best educational institutions, schools, hospitals, restaurants, retail malls, playgrounds, greenery areas, and other recreational centers in the city.

It also provides convenient, economical public transportation, including two bus terminals (Garden City and Griffith University). This means that taking public transportation to the city’s CBD will take roughly 18-20 minutes.

4.   Salisbury

Salisbury is famous if you are looking for a house or unit for a cheaper rental rate. It is known for its economic housing alternatives, superb public transportation network, and extensive open spaces. A unit’s median rent is $420 per week, making it excellent for young couples and parents.

Some of the top schools, educational institutions, hospitals, gyms, yoga centers, restaurants, art scenes, exhibitions, churches, and other leisure centers can be found in the suburb.

There are also townhouses, cottages, large apartments, modern-day homes, and various lodging options. If you are considering a move, do your homework first, and don’t forget to contact reputable Brisbane removalists at a reasonable price.

5.   Stafford

Stafford is one of Brisbane’s most affordable rental suburbs. Families with children, working professionals, singles, retirees, and students will find this to be an ideal suburb. With a median weekly rent of $420, renting a house or unit in Stafford is very reasonable.

The area has everything from the top schools to colleges, hospitals to hotels, banks to the police station, culinary pleasures to gyms and yoga centers. Buses are also an excellent and easily accessible mode of public transportation.

6.   Keperra

Keperra is a lovely suburb in Brisbane, Queensland, that offers a relaxing, affordable, and environmentally sustainable way of life. If you have a limited moving budget, consider renting a residential house in Keperra. A house in Keperra may be rented for $425 per week, which is pretty reasonable.

The best thing about this area is that it offers a wide range of affordable housing options, including townhouses and ancient wooden houses that appear to be less expensive than high-rise buildings.

7.   Moorooka

Moorooka offers world-class schools, broad green areas, a relaxing lifestyle, health care centers, convenient public transportation, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, cafes, and much more for a median weekly rent of $430.

The area has become a popular destination for many families with children, young couples, working professionals, and students. Moorooka is the place to go if you’re moving to Brisbane and seeking a cheap rental property.

Brisbane’s demand for rental properties has grown by 0.9 percent in the last several years, more than in other metropolitan cities. Take a look at Brisbane’s cheapest suburbs if you’re on a tight budget and looking for a rental property. Make sure you do your homework and choose the best removalists in Brisbane who can provide you with a safe and secure experience at a reasonable price.

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