Following the NSW Government’s announcement of the new Waterloo Metro Station, the Waterloo social housing estate will be redeveloped with new social housing and more affordable and private housing. The redevelopment also includes the area above and around the new metro station.

The Waterloo Redevelopment Precinct covers land owned by the NSW Government, including the Waterloo social housing estate and the land around and above the new Waterloo metro station, known as the Metro Quarter. It also includes a number of privately owned properties. The map below outlines the boundaries of the Redevelopment Precinct. This is the area that the community is being consulted on in relation to the masterplan. The NSW government has nominated this area as a State Significant Precinct.

Preferred Masterplan for Waterloo

Following extensive community consultation with residents and other stakeholders on three redevelopment options, a preferred Masterplan for the future of the Waterloo Estate has been prepared.

The Waterloo preferred Masterplan will provide new and modern social and affordable housing, mixed with private housing in a well-located community close to the new Waterloo Station and Metro Quarter.

Over the next 15-20 years, the Masterplan will guide the development of about 6,800 new homes with 60% of new buildings being 7 storeys or lower.

Of the total dwellings, 35% will be social and affordable housing and the affordable housing will be owned in perpetuity.

Residents will have better access to shops and services and local employment opportunities. There will be new multi-purpose community facilities providing space for cultural events, community learning, childcare and health services.

There will also be 3 hectares of safe open spaces, including new public parks and landscaped boulevards. The parks will provide residents and visitors with a place to celebrate events and enjoy outdoor activities. George Street will be transformed into a 20-25m wide tree-lined pedestrian boulevard with water features and good lighting, providing a safe and enjoyable walking experience.


Next steps

The preferred Masterplan will be lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) in the first quarter of 2019. Following a review period, DPE will place the preferred Masterplan on public exhibition. This will be an important opportunity for residents and the local community to provide feedback.

A model of the preferred Masterplan will also be on display at this time.


Waterloo Preferred Masterplan brochure

The Waterloo Preferred Masterplan brochure highlights the features of the preferred Masterplan. Print copies are available from Waterloo Connect office at 95 Wellington Street, Waterloo (open from 10am-4pm on weekdays)


Masterplanning consultation

The role of the Masterplan is to guide the redevelopment to reflect the community’s needs and priorities.

The diagram below outlines the stages of the Masterplanning consultation program. We are now at the preferred Masterplan phase.


Both the visioning and options testing involved discussion with the community focusing on five themes: culture and community life; transport, streets and connections; housing and neighbourhood design; community facilities, services and shops; environment and open space.

The Options Testing Consultation Report documents the outcomes of the consultation program.


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