Following the NSW Government’s announcement of the new Waterloo Metro Station, the Waterloo social housing estate will be redeveloped with new and more social housing, integrated with affordable and private housing.

Waterloo Aerial Precinct Map (PDF)

In May 2017, the Minister for Planning nominated Waterloo as a State Significant Precinct (SSP) Media Release. SSPs are areas of NSW government owned land that are important because of economic or environmental value to the state. In being declared an SSP, a specific process is followed that involves a detailed study of the area to identify requirements for all types of housing, community amenity and services needed for the local population.

The Department of Family and Community Services, Land and Housing Corporation (FACS) will lead community engagement and communications across the whole SSP study area for the master planning process.  The Waterloo SSP area (Waterloo precinct) includes the Waterloo social housing estate and the Waterloo metro quarter (i.e. the development above the metro station). FACS has engaged UrbanGrowth NSW to assist with technical work involved in developing a master plan for the Waterloo precinct. The master plan will show where new buildings, parks and community facilities will be located. To ensure good planning and design outcomes, Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) has invited the City of Sydney to jointly assess the proposal to rezone the land. Now that Waterloo has been nominated as an SSP, FACS will commence the 12-18 month master planning consultation process.

• The redevelopment of the Waterloo social housing estate will deliver new and more social housing, integrated with affordable and private housing
• There will be no loss of social housing and Waterloo residents can move back into new homes as they are completed
• The redevelopment will be staged over 15-20 years
• Over the next 12-18 months we will be master planning the area, consulting with the community and going through the rezoning process
• Social housing tenant relocations will not start until at least mid-2018 and all relocated residents have the right to return
• FACS will ensure that community services and maintenance on the Waterloo Estate continues during the redevelopment

The Stakeholder and Engagement Framework outlines FACS approach to engagement for the Waterloo redevelopment during the master planning process.

Key locations:
The Waterloo redevelopment area includes the government owned land between Phillip and McEvoy Streets to the north and south, and Pitt and Cope Streets to the east and west. The new metro station will be built underground between Botany Road, Wellington Street, Cope Street and Raglan Street. UrbanGrowth NSW is responsible for the redevelopment above the new Metro station (the metro quarter).

Master planning commences:
The announcement that Waterloo has been nominated as a State Significant Precinct (SSP) means that the master planning process for the redevelopment can start. Master planning will help determine the mix and type of housing, community amenity and services required to meet the needs of future residents.

Family and Community Services (FACS) is leading the consultation and engagement activities for the master planning process. This will involve inviting residents, the broader community and non-government organisations to tell us what they think and feel is needed in the redevelopment of Waterloo, getting them to review master plan concepts and also provide input on a draft master plan.

Master planning consultation and engagement will run for approximately 12 months. After this time, the final master plan will be submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment, where it will go on public exhibition. The redevelopment of Waterloo will build new and more social housing, along with private and affordable housing.

The Department of Planning and Environment has issued the study requirements for the SSP process. Listed below are the SSP documents, Waterloo Communication and Engagement Scope Summary and a FACS feedback form.

Waterloo Requirements Table
Waterloo Summary of Studies
Waterloo Study Requirements Summary
• Waterloo Technical Study Method Summary
Waterloo Consultants Table
Waterloo Communication and Engagement Scope Summary
Feedback Form

More Information

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