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Perth’s Most Expensive Suburbs To Rent In

The capital of Western Australia has a unique quality that draws a large number of settlers and visitors. The lovely scenery boasts the best of what a metropolis offers, including breathtaking beaches, delectable cuisine, expanding commercial districts, and modern entertainment zones.

Perth is away from the pollution and noise of metropolitan centers like Sydney and Melbourne and has a pleasant temperature with wide-open skies. Its family-friendly suburbs have become an attraction for high-net-worth individuals looking to live in the city’s luxurious mansions. These abodes are ideal of peace, luxury, and leisure, with breathtaking waterfront views and a calm environment.

People looking for luxury property for sale in Australia naturally go to Perth to find a picture-perfect environment complete with the attraction of high-end living.

Check out the list of Perth’s most costly areas to locate your dream home.

1.   Dalkeith

The Swan River surrounds this suburb on three sides, making it a desirable location for home buyers. Its proximity to Perth’s CBD contributes to its appealing lifestyle and wide range of amenities. Due to the importance of the Jutland Parade, which is the most luxurious part of Dalkeith, the suburb is frequently regarded as the most costly in Perth.

The street is notable for its expensive homes and for Alan Bond’s residence, whose yacht won America’s Cup in 1983. Hobbs Avenue and Waratah Avenue are two other well-known streets in Dalkeith; both houses to rich properties. Dalkeith’s lush green surrounds make it a popular choice among investors.

  • Buying a house: $2.97 million
  • Renting a house: $1,100/ week

2.   Cottesloe

Most people dream of living near the beach, and Cottesloe’s beautiful coastline helps to make that dream a reality. The area is strategically located between Fremantle and Perth City, perfect for families seeking a blend of city and suburban living.

It is renowned for being the hometown of Prime Minister John Curtin, whose mansion on Jarrad Street still stands tall. Lonely Planet recognized Cottesloe Beach as the second-best beach for families in the world in 2009. Cottesloe’s median property price climbed to $2.55 million, making it a popular location to live for the rich and famous.

  • Buying a house: $2.55 million
  • Renting a house: $1000/ week
  • Renting an apartment: $500/ week

3.   Nedlands

This upscale Perth suburb boasts a golf course, a lively commercial district, and various eateries. This suburb is in high demand especially among the wealthy, with the median house price exceeding $1.99 million. 

A yacht club and high-quality medical facilities in Western Australia are among its other significant attractions. Many students who receive low-cost housing at the University of Western Australia live in the area.

  • Buying a house: $1.99 million
  • Renting a house: $795/ week
  • Renting an apartment: $400/ week 

4.   City Beach 

Local and foreign investors are rushing to waterfront properties, which are growing increasingly popular in the country. City Beach, of course, is at the top of the popularity charts, with a median property price of $2.32 million.

The coastal suburb boasts a long list of modern and ultra-luxurious mansions that match the area’s natural beauty. For adventure seekers, it includes a football/cricket oval, many parks, and walking routes.

  • Buying a house: $2.32 million
  • Renting a house: $990/ week

5.   Swanbourne

Swanbourne, the elite’s final resting place, is peppered with federation-style homes currently being renovated. Many new housing projects started popping up in the suburb, whose median house price increased to $1.73 million this year.

Because of its ideal position, bordered by the Stirling Highway, the Fremantle Railway Line, and the Indian Ocean, the area is a popular choice among home buyers.

  • Buying a house: $1.73 million
  • Renting a house: $1.025/ week
  • Renting an apartment: $640/ week

6.   Claremont

Claremont Oval, Claremont Showground, Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre, and the St Quentins Avenue precinct are well-known landmarks in the suburb. Due to the presence of different clubs and hotels, it has a vibrant nightlife. It also has a large number of private schools. Claremont, which is brimming with amenities, had a median house price of $1.71 million, putting it among Perth’s top suburbs.

  • Buying a house: $1.71 million
  • Renting a house: $838/ week
  • Renting an apartment: $495/ week

7.   Floreat

Floreat, one of Perth’s wealthiest suburbs, is a lovely location with many amenities, including the famous Floreat Forum shopping store, close to Wembley’s commercial district.

The Floreat Oval and the Western Australian Athletics Stadium, a world-class track, are two of the city’s most well-known athletic facilities. It has a median property price of $1.61 million and is surrounded by numerous schools and institutions, attracting many families.

  • Buying a house: $1.61 million
  • Renting a house: $750/ week
  • Renting an apartment: $595/ week

8.   Applecross

This fascinating Perth riverside suburb is bordered by the beautiful Swan River and the Canning Highway. Applecross, known for its blooming jacaranda trees, offers stunning views and elegant residences that exude majesty to potential homebuyers. It has attracted the attention of many wealthy investors, with the median house price climbing to $1.75 million.

  • Buying a house: $1.75 million
  • Renting a house: $650/ week
  • Renting an apartment: $450/ week

9.   Subiaco

Subiaco, a Perth suburb in the city’s western suburbs, has been steadily climbing the list of the city’s most expensive suburbs. This year, the area’s median property price increased to $1.41 million, as the area’s heritage properties and entertainment zones continued to attract purchasers. Rokeby Road and Hay Street are two of the city’s most famous streets, and the colorful cultural events are a significant attraction of this suburb.

  • Buying a house: $1.41 million
  • Renting a house: $700/ week
  • Renting an apartment: $475/ week

10.  Churchlands

Others are drawn to this suburb because of its high-end lifestyle, including outstanding educational institutions and sporting amenities. It features a variety of high-class residences and mansions and is only 8 kilometers from Perth’s CBD. The high-quality life and natural beauty provide a pleasurable experience for both residents and visitors. It is a popular destination for wealthy purchasers, with a median house price of $1.52 million.

  • Buying a house: $1.52 million
  • Renting a house: $850/ week
  • Renting an apartment: $360/ week

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