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Indicative Land Area

64 Ha

Current Stage

Tender in progress

The master plan aims to transform Telopea into a vibrant neighbourhood that will appeal to a diverse residential population. People will choose to live here because of its attractive setting and connections to transport, schools, employment and essential services. The neighbourhood will be serviced by a new arrival plaza, shops, cafes, improved parks and a new multi-functional community centre, with new convenient connections to help navigate the topography. New housing, transport and social infrastructure will support a growing and more diverse community. Telopea’s natural setting will be complemented with upgraded parks positioned amongst its mature trees. Telopea will be a desirable place to live, socialise and take part in daily urban life.

Telopea will not be redeveloped all at once, but in a number of stages over the next 10-15 years. It is important to remember that our ongoing commitments to:

  • Ensure residents are given 6 months’ notice before they are required to relocate
  • Provide residents with the opportunity to return to new housing in the redeveloped Telopea neighbourhood should they wish
  • Work with each resident to understand their circumstances, including health and social services, family connections, pets and other housing needs
  • Cover all reasonable costs associated with the relocation process.

Find out more about the proposal on the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) site.

Telopea redevelopment precinct

Site location

The Telopea Planned Precinct Stage One Rezoning Proposal seeks to rezone the land within the masterplan area by setting out new planning controls including land use zones, building height and density controls. The proposal also includes plans for improved open spaces, a new community centre and a potential town centre near the light-rail stop.