Following the NSW Government’s announcement of the new Waterloo Metro Station, the Waterloo social housing estate will be redeveloped with new and more social housing, integrated with affordable and private housing.

The Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) is working with UrbanGrowth NSW to develop a comprehensive masterplan for the Waterloo precinct, in collaboration with the City of Sydney and the Department of Planning and Environment. This includes the Waterloo social housing estate and the Waterloo Metro station block (i.e. above the station).  The masterplan will show where new buildings, parks and community facilities will be located.

Community feedback will be sought all the way through the planning process.


• Over the next 12 months we will be masterplanning the area and consulting with the community

• The redevelopment will be staged over 15-20 years

• Social housing tenant relocations will not start until at least mid-2018 and will occur in stages throughout the redevelopment program

• FACS will ensure that community services and maintenance on the Waterloo Estate continues during the redevelopment

• Waterloo residents can move back into new homes as they are completed.

Key locations:

The Waterloo redevelopment area includes the government owned land between Phillip and McEvoy Streets to the north and south, and Pitt and Cope Streets to the east and west.

The new metro station will be built underground between Botany Road, Wellington Street, Cope Street and Raglan Street. UrbanGrowth NSW is responsible for the redevelopment above the new Metro station.

More Information

Waterloo Connect office at 95 Wellington Street, Waterloo.
Open from Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm


1800 738 718


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