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Belmore Road, Riverwood

Indicative Land Area

30 Ha

Current Stage

Master planning underway

The first stage of redevelopment at Riverwood, Washington Park is complete and has delivered social housing mixed with private housing in a model that has created a better place for all residents.

The project demonstrates what can be achieved through redeveloping concentrated social housing estates into a diverse community offering inspiration and opportunity.

The remaining 30 hectares of Riverwood renewal will be planned and considered as a State Significant Precinct (SSP). The redevelopment project has a potential investment of $3.4 billion to the state economy and the creation of 500 construction jobs.

In being declared an SSP, a specific process is followed that involves a detailed study of the area to identify requirements for all types of housing, community amenity and services needed for the local population.

LAHC will continue consulting with residents, the broader community and other stakeholders to identify what additional infrastructure and amenity is required to support the new population in further improving Riverwood.

Riverwood redevelopment precinct

Site location

Key Benefits

  • Long term project
  • The Riverwood Renewal is a long term project occurring in stages over the next 10 to 15 years.

  • Right to a new home
  • All residents will have a right to a new home in Riverwood. Most residents will be able to move directly from their old home to a newly built at Riverwood.

  • Temporarily relocate nearby
  • A small number of residents will need to temporarily relocate into nearby areas. It will be approximately two years before any resident would need to move.

  • Engagement with residents
  • The masterplanning process will involve engagement with residents, the community and other stakeholders.

  • Keep involved and informed
  • Residents will be kept involved and informed throughout the masterplan process via Communities Plus newsletters and website, drop-in sessions, meetings and other events.